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 Cheaper than Skype - http://www.vyke.com/rates-compare.jsf



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Vyke is a great service that offers great rates on international calls anywhere in the world. No prepayment is necessary, all costs are added your existing phonebill. In order to make comparing all of the sites in this category more effective we include below the per-minute costs of international calls to a range of commonly-called countries:

  • Example Call Rates from the United Kingdom to:
    • India - from £0.02/minute; $0.02/minute; €0.01/minute.
    • Nigeria - from £0.08/minute; $0.13/minute; €0.09/minute.
    • Thailand - from £0.02/minute' $0.03/minute; €0.02/minute.
    • Poland - from £0.02/minute; $0.04/minute; €0.03/minute.
    • USA - from £0.02/minute; $0.04/minute; €0.03/minute.


Prices are subject to change. For the most up to date information, please refer to the actual website.


  • Vyke is a great, cheap international calling service.
  • Make fantastic savings on international calls to family, friends and loved-ones regardless of where they are in the world.
  • Save up to 99% on calls through Vyke, compared to regular providers.
  • The VykeZone - call 25 commonly called countries for only 25 cents (or 15p) per hour!
  • Use either your mobile or a PC to make calls through Vyke.
  • No complex call plans, no hidden charges - just great savings!
  • Great international call tariff with many by-the-minute calls available from just 2p per minute.
  • Download great apps for the iPhone, Blackberry or Android to make using Vyke even easier.
  • Use the Callback/Callthrough services to make similar savings when you don't have wifi or 3G available.
  • Extensive FAQs and customer support.


Editor's Verdict:

Vyke is a great, cheap international call service that offers users huge discounts on all of their international calls to more than 200 countries across the world. With a great international call tariff, with per-minute rates starting at just a couple of pence per minute, as well as a number of different services to take advantage of, Vyke is certainly a great choice if you’re looking to make savings on your international calls without the need for complex call plans, prepayment or unnecessary top-ups. Read on to find out more about this great service…

Vyke is a high-quality, varied service that offers a number of different ways to save when making international calls. Firstly, customers with wifi/3G/GPRS enabled phones or PCs can make calls using web-telephony technology in order to make huge savings on their international calls. A great software client makes connecting calls easy when using your PC, while mobile customers can take advantage of a number of great apps for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more. When wifi or a data connection is not available, the callback or call-through services from Vyke offer further opportunities to make great savings. Finally, customers using either of the two calling options can send cheap SMS messages to users all over the world – a further reason to join Vyke today!

Without a doubt one of the best features offered by Vyke is “The VykeZone”. This is a fantastic feature that allows customers to call family, friends and loved ones in 25 selected countries for just 25 cents per hour, with no restrictions and no catches. This is a fantastic feature, not only because it offers the opportunity to make some of the lowest cost calls we have ever come across, but also because the countries included within the VykeZone are some of the most-called countries for customers of these services (including the USA, UK, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Singapore, Australia and many more). Great stuff!

With the opportunity to make fantastic savings of up to 99% on regular call charges, as well as all of the benefits on offer to members within the VykeZone (check the website for full details of the countries included within the VykeZone), we were impressed by everything on offer at Vyke. Although Vyke didn’t quite manage to make it into our top ten in this category, it’s still a great service and certainly worth trying out. Moreover, because users can trial the service before they sign up fully (with $1 free credit for new users), there’s no excuse not to give the service a try!

Click on the button below to check out Vyke.com for yourself...

» Click here to visit Vyke.com


You can download the app for the phone and register before you travel on the computer.

The login is your mobile number.

Some systems will only work with folks that are using the same system, this will work to any phone worldwide but free to others using the same system. All via data or wifi with existing provider.




Review with some thread replies

The ones below refer to VykeMobile


10. julianrusoposted on 05 Dec 2012, 03:20 0 0 

I have been using VykeMobile successfully for a very long time. It has plenty of advantages over the providers listed in the article. The account is pay as you go (pre-paid) and therefore, it can be used when you need to use it, not as a monthly subscription. It can be used on WiFi, 3G, via local access number and via callback from any smartphone. It can be used from any fixed line, PC, laptop or broadband phone or feature phone with a great web callilng portal that lets you make calls and send SMS.
The apps are really user friendly and are available for all the major operating systems in the market.
I personally love one calling feature that allows you to set up calls on a local phone (landline or mobile) that I regularly use when I am abroad to avoid roaming charges. That is call@ and it is available from all their apps.
I really rate Vyke higher than the providers mentioned here.


11. Agulaposted on 05 Dec 2012, 03:28 0 0 

I've been using VykeMobile for over a year after switching from some crappy international calling cards. It's a smartphone app I use for calling Europe and texting abroad, texts are only 4p to any country, and calls are charged 9pence per hour to most European countries so it's great if you like talking, if not, you can switch to per minute billing, still quite cheap. Really recommend!!



12. Samosloposted on 05 Dec 2012, 03:38 0 0 

If you looking for an app to make very cheap international calls, sending sms cost almost nothing... and save money on roaming while you are traveling ... then you must try VykeMobile.... I been using this app since 2006 and i have seved lots of money on making national and international calls.. you have to try it...



13. MiddleEastposted on 05 Dec 2012, 03:47 0 0 

I agree with you guys about the VykeMobile... awsome app,
there are 5 different services in one app (calling, texting, conecting calls, making calls from web, making calls from pc dailler..) and the rates are so cheap... and i have heard that in the near future vykemobile users can text each others for free!!
i love this app..



14. jimbo-6930posted on 05 Dec 2012, 03:51 0 0 

VykeMobile really is the most reliable and most diverse calling app. The app is easy to use, the rates are incredibly cheap and the quality is very good. I have tried three of the apps reviewed here and VykeMobile wins hands down



15. philippines01posted on 05 Dec 2012, 04:58 0 0 

A friend recommended VykeMobile to me a couple of days ago but I never got around to trying it until I saw it on the Opera speed dial. I must say that it has made my life a lot easier because I can use it in a number of platforms! (iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and their website which can set up calls).

I did a quick comparison with the prices of Skype and they are actually so much cheaper. In fact, they have a dedicated webpage showing the Skype rates against theirs. I cannot recommend VykeMobile enough! Try it and you will love it!!



16. chamseddinposted on 05 Dec 2012, 19:34 0 0 

Vyke mobile gives me cheap rates with a v good quality . I am using this smart application on my iPhone .i tried a lot of application like Skype and other but the best one is vykemobile . And most of my friends said the same when they try it .



17. m_patelposted on 06 Dec 2012, 06:22 0 0 

I have been using VykeMobile for years to call family and friends abroad. Calling starts at only 9p per hour and SMS is only 4p. Their mobile app is really fantastic :) Check out their website (vyke.com) and I'm sure u'll agree!



18. expertsmsposted on 06 Dec 2012, 06:37 0 0 

i been using the vykemobile application since last year... awsome app, secure , no marketing banner on the app,... cheap rates ..fantastic qaulity... and very modern way of calling,...




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